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"I am so impressed with this plugin. I decided to give it a shot over some of the other form plugins, and I am so glad I did. It works well, is so easy to use and customize. The support is amazing on top of it all. I got the pro version because I was so pleased. Highly recommend."

- LouisePKelly

"Helpful to get the info from the visitor,for prospective leads."

- mhdigita

"Seems like a good option for creating simple forms. Not sure if I like the form building opening in its own screen."

- Luke Cavanagh

"Excellent tool. I am using the free version."

- Delviken

"The form creator was easy to use. Drag-n-drop fields. Simple customization. Then just SAVE. Go back to your Dashboard and find simple codes to copy/paste under saved forms. Couldnt be simpler. Thanks!"

- webdragoness

"Liked it. Simple enough to get up a contact page in seconds. I am still confused on the recaptcha part though, just like every other forms plug-in."

- Lorena

"I didnt need it to do much just a contact form. And it did it well."

- mkrasnopoler

"Simple and elegant. Works exactly as expected and some really nice configuration options."

- Mike Chilson

"Love it Simple and easy to use. Great Job. Thanks"

- sayamur

"Using this from long and one of my favourite form plugin to go with on most of all my websites."

- vincentbao

"Funciona muito bem. É fácil de configurar e ainda te dá acesso a todos os dados que foram preenchidos."

- dantonmedrado

"You dont have to bother with anything. All you need to do is just drag, drop and its done!"

- shamrock3

"Having used WPForms for a while it always felt perfectly fine for what it does easy drag and drop form creation. However, using the paid version takes things to a new level, making it essential. The breadth and scope of this plugin is staggering, allowing my client to achieve a paperless office status through the use of payments, save and continue and other features. Support is also excellent."

- gibbletboy

"Was previously using Contact Forms 7 for years but it stopped working. After 3 weeks of headaches, stress, and fumbling through support, I made the switch. Very relieved as is my client."

- marshwp

"Very easy to add a form to my WordPress site."

- mapweb2000

"Very flexible and cover all of our needs. Have been using it for almost a year with no issues whatsoever. Solid company."

- luiscasanovav

"Great tool! Easy and does everything you expect it to do. Nothing not to like ?"

- Dsbelousov

"Everything has been easy to do so far appreciate that!"

- transplanted01

"The forms are easy in install and even easier to use."

- nmedloc

"If you need forms on your wordpress site this is the plugin for you. Very easy to install and setup. I upgraded to the pro version and love it. Have not had any issues with any of the forms on my site so far but do not believe I will ever have any. Give it a try and you will be a fan also"

- absolute1120

"I found this plug-in Very intuitive to use"

- sofiamanso

"I bought the PRO and it is so amazing! There is not a function that I did not find in WPForms, everything is there! It made my WP website building business even more credible because WPForms enabled me to customize my clients forms according to what they needed. Very flexible!"

- icequeen0120

"Easy to use and very useful. I have the basic plug-in now and it is working well for what I needed."

- wjstokes

"Fantastic. Easy to install as it automatically integrates with my theme."

- Mike Tibble

"I use this plugin on several sites and it works great. It is intuitive and easy to use and I recommend it."

- cikorsky

"Takes no time to understan how it works. Fast and easy."

- fedeview

"Found this as a replacement to a contact form that my developers were using, this one was much simpler to use, has better functionality and was quick to set up. Would definitely use again"

- kerrysupport

"Using this for a basic contact form on a LiquidWeb managed WordPress site. No problems with installation or configuration: works as advertised!"

- twnagle

"Prosta, intuicyjna i skuteczna. Musisz ją mieć! Nie wiem tylko gdzie w wersji darmowej szukać wpisy użytkowników do utworzonego formularza."

- WitoldZ

"Great little plugin to add contact forms to my posts. So easy and quick! Im very happy I finally started using this tool. It will definitely come in handy in the future! Thank you!"

- sunkissedmemories

"So appreciative that the author has made this plugin so functional and easy to use. I changed over from CForms and found this to be even better. Thanks."

- Elizabeth Richardson

"Shazam! I tried this, instead of my usual choice, and WOW! I dont know how I didnt find it sooner. Why would I use anything else now ?!?"

- David Rebar

"Easy to implement on your web page and simple to use."

- Fernanda

"Anyone can. Thanks WP for putting it out there."

- diverrite

"WordPress is great and easy to use. Once i bought my domain it was super easy to get started. All the plugins make it super flexible and the themes are great."

- bensaylavie

"This WP plug-in for forms creation and management is simply brilliant. Please support the developers by getting the Pro version of this plug-in."

- sigurgeir2001

"The only thing is I cant figure out how to remove my admin email from my clients site, or where it is..? Pls let me know as I am getting a dozen emails a day and no idea where admin email is #BIGUPS"

- thewebstylist

"just what I needed super easy to use right out of the box can highly recommend!"

- stickleback

"Love this plugin! The free version has loads of features and is very easy to use."

- ncneska

"Easy and simple to add contact form. In 2 minutes I had a new contact form running. Im really happy with the plugin, and the responsive is a plus."

- Vozymod

"You saved me time and efforts, thanks a lot."

- zbrainsoft

"Im new at web designing and its easy for me to work with this."

- arashbahmaninik

"It was easy to set up for simple contact form. Recomended."

- bluparkour

"Usually use Ninja Forms but when I tried WP Forms, liked it more."

- rgbcom

"Straightforward interface. Easy to set up a number of contact forms."

- fiberlyone

"Plugin was easy to use. So far so good for the form. Just working on visitor on my site."

- jsco2289

"The plugin is very easy to use and you can quickly kick out an awesome form."

- Ken_o0O

"Was very easy to create a new contact form. I recommend it."

- cintyaenciso

"Great tool to quickly set up a classic contact form with gmail!"

- vervedesignxyz

"Have a bit experience with these at this point. This one seems pretty clean will update if anything changes but so far happy if it gets me further away from Jetpack Ill be happy"

- tanktransport

"Took me 5 minutes to create my contact page. It works perfectly from PC or mobil."

- Gabor Hrasko

"I just built a form within 32 seconds, thats insane!"

- sbali

"Very easy to use, replaced an original one with WPForms and works flawlessly. I like it a lot more. Highly recommended!"

- pickupdiablo

"Thanks a lot, it helps me to create some form"

- Bambang Subaktyo

"I just made a WordPress blog for a memorial page. It was reasonably easy to set up a comment system thanks to WP Forms. Thanks for the work."

- OregonJohn

"I am a freelance web designer. I use WPForms on every site I build. I also recommend it to anyone that asks! Even if you don't hire me to design your website, I am still going to give you good recommendations for you to be successful, and that includes using WPForms!"

- Christa P.

"It allows you to create your own form or work from common templates like a contact us form which made it super easy to design our custom contact form."

- nerdyness


- alfaroswm

"I only needed to make a simple contact form for now it was very easy to set up and it works every time."

- cnyiradi

"This plugin is very easy and fast to use! Recommended!"

- cornerlaluz

"Usual I dont give reviews. BUT WPforms plugin is an absolute no-brainer, simple to use very intuitive. No coding required 🙂 Very flexible and professional looking. 100% recommended! I must say that even free version is very functional, forget about WP native contact form use WPforms 🙂"

- smartsalesireland

"I used some other form editors before, but this one is most flexible and easy to use."

- liberty123de

"This is perfect. It works like a charm, its so simple even I can figure it out, and it makes my life easier. I think this is the first plug-in Ive felt like rating 5-stars."

- Steve Wolfe

"Easy and simple as a free version plug-in"

- chanok77

"It was very easy to set up the plugin, and it works very well. Thank you!"

- andreasciavarrello

"We have tried many forms and many of them didnt workout. WPforms was simple to use and effective, while still having all the bells and whistles we needed."

- kvanbeek

"Easy to use and gets the job done"

- ben givengrace

"Very good plugin, very easy to create any form in few minutes with a really professional rendering."

- corpomug

"First time user, managed to get it working to how i want it to work with some effort"

- nevphillips

"Very simple to use and makes a great contact page. Thank you"

- bruceclancy

"Easy to use, easy to set up. Conditional logic works perfectly. I would give six stars if I could."

- froggyllc

"Very easy to use. Weve converted all of our previous forms over to WPForms. Not just for contact forms either. We use it to send out notifications to all subscribers, schedule events in Events Calendar, and keep our users aware of the latest happenings on our site. Using this package, we have the ability for subscribers to take an active role in our website. Enhancements are continually provided and support is outstanding! Combine this package with the Events Calendar plugin and the Members plugin and you can do just about everything you need to do with your site."

- Robert Janger

"I have used numerous Form builders, but this one has to be the most user friendly. Everything is quick and easy to navigate around. I think I finally found a Form builder that I can stay with and is affordable."

- muhammadkarim

"So far this is the best contact form I have found"

- michaelaterndrup

"I thought its only CF7 that I can rely on. But CF7 gave me some issues recently after using it for couple of years. WPForms works perfectly for me. Thank you WPForms team for your hard work. The free version is good enough for me. Love it."

- chaipope

"This platform is just enough of a base to lead you through it AND allow you to make your sites more complex as you gain knowledge."

- theschwom

"Its easy to quickly set up a new form and insert it into a page with no long learning curve and great technical knowledge. I use it frequently."

- zipster1967

"It was definitely worth to get the ultimate version of WPForms, I use it as contact formular or even complex core functionalities for me clients. Additional: the team releases much updates and I look forward to see even more epic stuff! 🙂"

- delagarza

"Love this plugin. Awesome plugin for allowing my clients to contact me easily."

- Geri Manasco

"Simple and easy to use, it gets the job done."

- erickmgriffin

"Muchas gracias por la aportación. Resulta muy facil el uso. Enhorabuena!"

- armascad

"Working really well for me so far. Recommended"

- davethommac

"I took WPForms for a spin today and was very impressed with the experience."

- RobbyMcCullough

"The tool offers a very easy configuration for anyone who is in hurry."

- wprp

"Super Simple and works great without any difficulties or complexities! I was able to get a nice-looking form up and running in just minutes and Ive trained a non-techy to make her own as well."

- glen.payne

"New to WordPress and finding my way around but this has made form creation much easier"

- tatetaylor54

"Este plugin me va fenomenal, es Excelente!. Lo recomiendo. Thanks"

- laturner

"I have tried many other forms and many manage sites. I am very impressed and pleased with this product. The free version is great but would encourage to upgrade to benefit from the full range of functionalities."

- shahedullect

"I have many affiliate sites and depend on this plugin to make setup fast and dependable.There are no problems putting up a site a week giving me freedom to add to my online revenue."

- Joe Aro

"Its easy to work with and has the options that you need and not more."

- nitarocker

"It was easier to use than anything else. Works well!"

- jeskalana

"I have tried numerous plugins over the years but could not found such a good user experience like WPForms, especially when its Free. Looking forward to try out paid version. Great work! Thanks"

- nomans_beauty

"a great solution for people who like it easy!"

- taxham

"A little disappointed by the up sell effort. It seems to try to corral you towards,upgrading. The free version seems extremely limited, and the options are not clearly marked as which options need the upgrade, until after you try and use them, wasting time."

- airfuzz

"Nice plugin, easy to set up, works great!"

- illy

"Absolutely functional, very flexible and easy to use. My recommendations."

- sergije

"Says what it does out of the box"

- testudoq

"This form is uncomplicated and dead simple to use. Highly recommended."

- terryally

"Brilliant. Just what I was looking for! And, of course, great support from the devs. Congrats"

- Nunoplim

"Muy bueno el complemento WP-Form, fácil de usar, ahorra tiempo de diseño y posee muy buenas opciones de configuración."

- eptelematica

"After struggling with contact form 7 nearly a decade I think.. This plugin is now saves the day. Finally I dont have to worry about missing messages. I dont know how many hundreds or thousands of messages I missed using that other infamous contact form 7 plugin."

- ameerulislam

"De mucha ayuda y super fácil de editar"

- campivargas

"I have used others similar, but always came back to WPForms now I stick with it all the time no problems always delivers."

- Steven Plumley

"Very simple contact form if we take into consideration basic features of free version."

- AmazingHulk

"When youve got the right form, the function follows, and thats exactly the case with this plugin. Its a good thing life isnt always so simple, or Id get too lazy. THANKS!"

- mongrel
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